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Imagine this scenario, it's easy for you to imagine because it's happened to you. A title is done on a piece of property and a missing or improperly executed assignment or discharge is discovered. We fix that. Staff members at DOCUMENT RESEARCH, LLC has many years of experience and have developed important contacts with lenders. It's not rocket science- it's who you know, and we know everybody!

DOCUMENT RESEARCH, LLC is able to work quickly because of our network of research contacts nationwide. Closing attorneys are able to meet their deadlines when they work with us. DRLLC is quick to respond to emergency situations requiring fast turnaround. Many conveyancing attorneys are comfortable "closing over a problem" when our firm is handling the problem, because they know it's in capable hands. Clients include closing attorneys, institutional lenders, and individuals- anyone who needs a full service provider.

We successfully obtain missing or corrective documentation from institutional and non-institutional lenders; and we're not limited to assignments and discharges. If you've got a title issue call us, we'll fix it. Upon receipt of a document, DRLLC can forward it to you, to your client, or record it. You direct us. We take your problem and resolve it within your time frame, allowing you to focus your resources and expertise elsewhere.

Of course, using DRLLC as your Payoff Tracking provider will prevent the need to fix a problem later, saving time and money. Be proactive and "call the DR".

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us  .